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House Parties

ADDICTION Action House Parties Across America

All across the country - in homes, treatment centers, houses of worship and jails - people are coming together to watch and discuss ADDICTION.  We urge you to organize a house party in your community.  Join the tens of thousands of Americans who are coming together to discuss what needs to happen in their communities to make alcohol and other drug treatment and recovery supports available and show the power of long-term recovery.

ADDICTION highlights recent advancements in research and effective new treatments. It highlights the experiences of individuals and their families - providing the hope of long-term recovery. Above all, it provides hope that treatment and long-term recovery is not only possible, it happens every day with the help and support of family, community, and dedicated health professionals.

Join us and host a house party today!

How to Host

Below you will find everything you need to host a successful Addiction Action House Party.

What is a successful party?

  • At least 3 guests attended.
  • You had access to the ADDICTION DVDs during the party.
  • You engaged in a useful and interesting discussion about the show and issues related to treatment and recovery.
  • You had fun socializing and meeting new people

Tips for a successful party:

Step 1: Get an ADDICTION DVD
You must have access to the ADDICTION series at your house party location. Click here for more information on where to purchase or rent the four disc ADDICTION DVD set.

Step 2:  Find a Location
Decide where it makes the most sense to have your event. You can hold it in your home, at a community center, place of worship, treatment center, recovery center – wherever people can gather and watch the program.

Step 3:  Send Out Invitations
Email or mail invitations to everyone that you know, inviting them to attend. For larger events, post flyers and send out notices by email. You may want to invite:

  • family
  • friends
  • colleagues
  • social acquaintances
  • neighbors
  • people from church, temple, mosque or other place of worship

Step 4:  Communicate with your attendees
People are busy, so it is easy to forget about social activities or plans. Send your guests emails as often as possible. Include reminders, changes in party times or logistics, or directions to your house party location!

Step 5:  Download Host Toolkit and Discussion Guide

  • Download the Host Toolkit - Contains a printable sample agenda and sign-in sheets, for guests.
  • Download Viewers Guide - Printable guide includes talking points about the show and issues related to treatment and recovery. You should print out a copy for each guest.

Step 6: What to Have At The Party

  • Enough seating room for attendees
  • Printed copies of the Host Toolkit and Viewers Guides
  • Pens
  • Snacks and refreshments (Email your attendees in advance and ask them to bring snacks)

Have any questions not covered here? Read our Frequently Asked Questions or send us an email at [email protected]