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Have a website of your own? Tell your visitors about! Use these graphics to link to, and help us add more voices to the campaign. Link instructions and suggested descriptive text are below.

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Setting up the graphic on your web page

Step one
Save the image to your hard drive and transfer it to your website's server. To save the image, right click on the graphic you want to use (or hold the mouse button down if you have a Mac) and select "Save image" or "Save Picture" from the popup menu. Or if you prefer, you may skip this step and link directly to the image on our server.

Step two
Place the image on your web page and link the graphic to:

Suggested Description

Across America, communities are mobilizing to build on HBO's groundbreaking series ADDICTION, premiering March 15-18. Our colleagues at Join Together, Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA), and Faces & Voices of Recovery have united with HBO to promote the Addiction Project, which helps Americans understand addiction as a treatable brain disease, spotlights new treatment advancements, and provides hope for long-term recovery.

Visit to learn more about the project and find opportunities to mobilize your own community through house parties, Town Hall meetings, and other special community events already taking place in your area.