Action is the Key to Freedom from Addiction

What is Addiction Action

Addicts who wish to overcome addiction and live a free life should put the recovery program into action. It is perhaps the only way to keep sobriety without relapse in the long run. However, many of them may not know what “Action” means. Some of them may not be aware of how to take action in the right direction. So, it is very important to enlighten them about the definition and the implementation parts of the action.

Definition of Action

The first part is acceptance. Here, the addict has to accept his powerlessness over the substance and unmanageability of life. By doing so, he is preparing his mind and heart to a state of willingness to follow the recovery program.

The second stage is an action. He tries all means in his control to keep sober. Avoiding hunger, anger, loneliness, and tiredness is the first step to staying sober for 24 hours.

Practicing of Action


Most of the addicts may have a craving when they are hungry for a long time. So, it could be a good practice to have some food every two or three hours.


For many addicts, anger is the passage to strong resentments. It can trigger emotional imbalance and may compel them to use the drugs or go for a drink. The relapse will be so strong, that it could take weeks or months to get back to the recovery program.


It is a good practice to be in the midst of people who are sober. The addict should also socialize with those who have never used or had a drink. Being with social drinkers during parties can also be risky. It is better to avoid places where drug or drink is being served.


It may apply for those newcomers who are yet to get the essence of addiction action programs. Physical tiredness and psychological stress can naturally push the mind to relapse.


Addiction action is a practical program, in which the addict asks for help when he has the craving for substance or alcohol. He may call his sponsor or a counselor in the addiction action group. The conversation over the phone or direct meeting can reduce the craving.

Addiction Action Program

The addiction action program is the recommended way to stay sober and free from the dependence on addictive substances. …

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